Interested in a GOLD Account?

You're smart!!! For allmost nothing, you'll get incredible new possibilities! The full list of available and upcoming possibilities are displayed here, have a look!

Allready Available?
Download the list of your cocktails:

You may download and store the complete list of cocktails that you can do with your drinks! The cocktail list can be updated as much as you want!
Get more TODOs:

Having more attention to the UPG is of course rewarded :) You'll get about 30% more TODOs during the game, than a regular user!
Add-Free website:

We promise it, you won't get any adds :-) Instead, you'll get cocktail ideas!
Progressive erotic plays:

That's the interesting part! With this option, you may interest things a bit. Womens will strip faster, you'll get "harder" TODOs, but still thinking that "nothing is won in advance". The game will recognize threesome configurations, and bring you to what you want... ;-) Tested and garanteed!!

Note that the game won't show any difference to usually!
Allow the men2men option:

That one allows you to play gay evenings, and won't deactivate any of the TODOs generally reserved for sexually-mixed environnments!
Direct erotic plays:

You know want you want, just sex, fun, and drinks. This play is for you =)
Access to the secret options:

Nothing revealed here, but you'll unlock the possibility to know about the secret options!!! =)